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Rainbow Group was formed in Vietnam. It commenced operations early 2016 in Vietnam and has now operations in 35 locations across the country with two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

It employs more than 2000+ sales staff as of October, 2016 and is expected to grow to 10000 by end of year 2018.

The key clients include all the leading banks, finance companies and Insurance companies. More are in the advanced stages of sign-up. The aim is to have 9 of the leading local banks, 3 of the leading foreign banks, 3 consumer finance companies, 6 life insurance and 4 general insurance companies among the clients in order to complete the panel.

The focus of Rainbow is to capture data about customers through web, social media, telephone and face to face contacts in order to mine it and create sales models based on customer life-stages and corresponding financial needs in a manner customized for individual customers and his financial goals in life. Hence the aim is to have a panel of clients capable of offering the widest variety of customized solutions for Diamond Star customer base and earn revenues while providing customers with a service that is unique in this marketplace.

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